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an adventure . . .

It's an adventure! From a small 6 room house to a turn of the century textile factory, it hasn't been an easy road but certainly a colorful one filled with lots of highs and an equal amount of lows!

We began Museum Facsimiles in 1992 in our small six room house and a newborn baby. Three moves and 16 years later we have finally settled into a turn of the century (last century) old textile factory. Although that seems painless when contained in one sentence, it was only possible with the incredible hard work, long hours and talents of all our family. Now we depend not only on family but also on a great staff.

Kristy uses an old Heidelberg Windmill to letterpress our cards, one color at a time, one card at a time. An old Kluge letterpress sits by idle, waiting for those few jobs that the Heidelberg cannot handle. Laurie drew the short straw and gets to do the silkscreening, thereby giving up any chance of manicured hands. Arden fills all the card orders, hand ties the ribbons and keeps track of card inventory.

All design of the greeting cards is done in-house by Kristy, Laurie and Ken. The company has won 8 Louie awards from the Greeting Card Association. Congratulations to daughter Kristy Methe for 2 Louie Awards in one year!

Each design is evaluated as to whether it would work better as a silkscreen or as a letterpress printed card.

Steve cuts and joins all the frames, frame after frame after frame. All frames are cut and joined to order, thereby custom frames are no problem. Daughter Robin oversees the framing department, keeps track of nuts and bolts, and does finish framing. Ken does the marketing and pitches in wherever he's needed.